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Invisible Eyelid Lifter Strips Kit (600 pcs)

Say goodbye to droopy or flaccid eyelids - The perfect solution for lifting and tightening eyelids 🥰

  • Deep Youthful Double Eyelids in 10 Seconds
  • Sweat-proof & Waterproof
  • Freely apply with Makeup
  • Invisible, Comfy Wear
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  1. Make sure you start with a clean, dry face.
  2. Gently and slowly peel eyelid lift tape strip from the backing with a tweezer.
  3. Apply a tape strip just underneath your eye's natural crease.
  4. Use the flat end of the tweezer to gently and softly press the tape strip onto your eyelid up into the crease.
  5. Gently press and hold your fingers on the ends of the tape strip for 10 seconds to ensure a good adhesive bond.

    Keep in mind that every eyelid is different, so it may take some practice to find the right spot and to find the most comfortable fit for your type of eyelid.

• How many pieces are in a Kit?

A kit contains 600 pieces.

• Is the kit safe to use?

Yes, the strips are made of a transparent, hypoallergenic material that is safe for use on the skin. They are also non-invasive, making them a much safer alternative to surgery.

• Are the strips visible when applied?

No, the strips are transparent and blend in seamlessly with your skin, ensuring a natural and undetectable look.

• Are the lifter strips waterproof?

Yes! Our Eyelid Lifter Strips are lab-tested to be waterproof & smudge-proof.

• Are the strips reusable?

No, the strips are designed for single use only.

• Can the strips be used by people with a history of eye problems or allergies?

If you have a history of eye problems or allergies, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before using the strips.

• How do I remove the strips from my eyelids?

The eyelid lifter strips can be removed using a gentle makeup remover or cleanser. Simply apply the remover to a cotton pad and gently wipe it over your eyelid.

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a more youthful and awakened you
Immediate Eyelid Lifting Without Expensive Surgery For Droopy Eyelids 😌

Say goodbye to droopy eyes and hello to a brighter, more youthful appearance with the revolutionary Invisible Eyelid Lifter Strips Kit - the secret to a more awake and refreshed look in just minutes!

Don't let droopy eyes hold you back 👀

It's time to make your life easier when you are pressed for time and looking for an easy fix! Save so much of your time and money!

Natural, Beautiful Double Eyelids Instantly 😍

★★★★★ RATED 4.85 by 500+ Happy Customers

The Invisible Eyelid Lifters Strips Kit give you super strong yet non-irritating hold to create ideal eyelid crease with minimal effort.

Its long-lasting adhesion resists to water, oil and sweat to keep you look stunning all day long. 

Discover the easiest solution to bigger, brighter eyes! 😱

👀 Instant Double Eyelid - Instantly lift up eyelids

🤫 Invisible, Comfy Wear - Invisible lace blends well with any skin tone

💧Super-Strong Adhesion - Sweat-proof and waterproof

💄 Stay Put With Makeup - Freely apply makeup over it

🥰 Easy On Easy Off - Get wet and stick them or use makeup remover to take them off

Real people, real results 😍

Angelina G.
Verified Buyer
San Francisco, CA

You can see my eye with and without this product. I haven’t seen my eyelids in years! Thank you!

Evelyn M.
Verified Buyer
Bayard, NE

I was so excited to get my anti aging eye lifts! They have really helped to even out both eyes now. They last all day until I remove them. I'm amazed how many eye lifts that they give you A great price for what you get .They are very easy to apply. Very satisfied

Marilyn O.
Verified Buyer
Springville, UT

I have been trying to lighten my pits for years!!! I thought it was impossible. I have been using this daily after my shower before bed. I can already see a difference. I started using it on my bikini line 3 days ago and can already see it lightening. Make sure you exfoliate while you shower before use for better results. They also have good body scrub!!

Sandy C.
Verified Buyer
Gold Beach, OR

I bought this product on a whim with not much confidence of it doing much, but I am so pleasantly surprised! They actually work! Makes my tired eyes look not so tired and they blend very well (see photo with eye closed) :-) Eye shadow just went right over it (powder) - they're pretty sticky so once you get 'em placed they stick!

Patrina K.
Verified Buyer
Anchorage, AK

Nice discovery that helps with my super droopy eyelid. I have one very droopy hooded eyelid that has bothered me for years and gotten worse with age. This little device helps balance out my eyes and gives me more confidence. I think I will try the magnetic eyelashes next!

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