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Booty Boost Mask

Get the booty of your dreams with this leave-on booty mask!

🍑 Visibly tightens and firms the booty

✨ Reduce the appearance of cellulite

🌿 100% safe and natural ingredients

♥️ Safe for all skin types

Free eBook Included - Skin Care Secrets Uncoverd by Dr. Sally Stokley (valued at $75)
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Free Returns
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Free of:

Parabens, SLS, and Phthalates.

Pink PepperSlim:

A plant extract that is proven to smooth the look of fatty skin.

Hyaluronic Acid:

Helps preserve your skin’s moisture for a more hydrated and plump look.

Guarana Seed Extract:

Wakes up tired skin by energizing and refreshing its appearance.

  1. Apply a generous layer to the visible cellulite on your booty and thighs.
  2. Massage into the skin in circular motions until fully absorbed. 
  3. You may start to feel a warming sensation, that’s totally normal! If you’re not into the tingle, we recommend waiting at least 20 minutes after a shower before applying.
  4. Use twice a day for best results.

1: Cleanse
We recommend use it in the morning and evening, start by thoroughly cleansing your skin. Tip: for a deep and moisturizing cleansing use our Turmeric Soap and Turmeric Scrub.

2: Apply
Gently apply a small amount of the product to the target area. If discomfort or irritation occurs, stop use immediately.)

3: Massage
Massage the cream gently into your skin until fully absorbed.

4: Consistency
For optimal results, use consistently over a longer period of time.

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30-Day Trial, Clean Ingredients, Fast Results
A more lifted, voluptuous and confident booty!

Our Booty Mask is special created to plump, tighten, and boost your assets, giving it a beautifully sculpted and confident appearance. Get ready to rock your curves!

Booty lift

Get the firm, round, and lifted booty you've always wanted!


Accentuate your natural curves and create a more sculpted silhouette


Smooth out the appearance of cellulite on your booty


Guarantees you a toned and athletic appearance

Level up your booty game
Improve your confidence with a fuller and rounder booty 🍑

Experience the magic of our potent formula as it works tirelessly to plump, tighten, and boost your assets.

Get ready to rock your curves and strut with pride like never before!

Lift, Firm and Tone your Butt ♥️

Said their butt looks more lifted and firm


Said it improved a lot their cellulites


Said their skin got smoother and softer

* Results according to clinical/consumer studies. For more information refer to each product page.


Real Women, Real Results

Angelina G.
Verified Buyer
San Francisco, CA

Smells incredible, feels smooth and creamy, my booty and legs(thighs) love it, makes my skin so soft. Does have a pretty intense burn/tingle feeling but you get used to it after awhile. Noticed a difference after using the mask for 10 days. So far I'm happy with the product, thank you!!!

Evelyn M.
Verified Buyer
Bayard, NE

Oh my gosh this is so awesome! With only had for a couple weeks but I can already tell a difference! If you have not gotten this stuff yet you definitely have to :-) I already have two other items on the way that I am so excited to try out! You won't one of them fat booties you definitely got to get the b-tight!

Sandy C.
Verified Buyer
Gold Beach, OR

I am absolutely addicted to this cream in the best way. I’m glad that I saw it on the website when purchasing the arm cream. The consistency is wonderful and smooth, and works into your skin well. The smell is absolutely divine and best of all, IT WORKS

Patrina K.
Verified Buyer
Anchorage, AK

The warmth of the cream tingles and feels like it’s working, then looking in the mirror at my booty a few days later, the results are WOW!!!! so I bought more, I believe it’ll definitely blend all the cells and tighten the skin. Very happy over all.

Marilyn O.
Verified Buyer
Springville, UT

I was hesitant but desperate. I am 45 and small. I haven’t worked out in two years. I was an ice skater for my whole life. I started working out and using this. I thought…”what do I have to lose??” Well I’m amazed!! So happy. I’m sharing with anyone that will listen !!
This is only two weeks

What Makes Our Booty Mask Special

Find out why you should use our booty mask
instead of other brands.

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Risk-Free Guarantee

We love our Booty Boost Mask and are confident you will too! That’s why we’re offering a 30-Day, Risk-Free Trial. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll gladly issue a full refund in accordance with our Return & Refund Policy.